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Why Kovaion Consulting for business analytics solutions?

Kovaion Consulting helps organizations to make the right business decisions with a suitable business analytics solution. Our data analytics business intelligence solution offers reports as a visual treat for your eyes. It can be collaborated on, published, and shared. We transform rows of data into powerful interactive visual stories using Microsoft Power BI.

Our Best Practices

What do we Focus in the data analytics solution?

We concentrate on identifying the correct problem and attempting to solve it in the short span of time possible. We offer valuable insights for various data types – on-premises, cloud, or in a hybrid deployment.

Data Transformation

Convert your business’s imperfect data from various internal and external data into a precise view as per your need! As the business analytics solution we perform profiling, cleansing, transforming and merging to create a reliable and quality dataset to take forward to the building of your data visualizations.

We enable data extraction from various source systems and store the cleansed/transformed data into datamarts to centralize the data wrangling process.

Modeling and Visualization

As part of our modeling services on business analytics and business intelligence solutions, Kovaion Consulting builds relationships between prepared datasets in readiness for filtering and creating key business measures, facts, and dimensions.

We design and publish powerful AI-based reports and dashboards that allow your teams to understand what’s going on beneath the surface. Within a report, our business solution enables you to customize by theme, visuals, and filters that help to get a multi-dimensional perspective of the data and restrict data access at the row level as applicable. We aid in embedding the reports and dashboards using Power BI APIs wherever it makes the most sense for your users to consume the data.


Our advanced business analytics solution will create the automated CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery) pipelines using Azure DevOps to move Power BI objects through development, test, and production instances seamlessly which provides version control, automated builds, release management, and rock-solid security.

Industry-Specific Data Analytics

Build the Data Analytics Solution for your Domain

Our data analytics service assists businesses in integrating, aggregating, and analyzing the various data types from numerous data sources to address their needs at department and enterprise levels.

  • Legal Analytics
  • Financial analytics
  • Customer analytics
  • Asset analytics
  • Supply chain analytics
  • Manufacturing analytics
  • Healthcare analytics
  • Transportation and logistics
  • HR analytics
  • Sales and product analytics
We provide you valuable insights

A team of specialists

There are times where firms feel that they don’t carry enough resources to discover actionable insights. But with the help of our BI reporting system, you can have valuable insights to make better business decisions. Finally, with effective enterprise business intelligence platforms, a business can boost its revenue.

Its time to setup comprehensive analytics

Kovaion Consulting will assist your business to construct accurate analytics with dashboards and reports. We provide the management to get valuable insights and trends from the data, thereby creating better profit opportunities.

Questions You Might Get


  • What is a business intelligence solution?

    Business Intelligence (BI) is a set of techniques that help business users see in a new light and make informed decisions. BI helps you in making better decisions by providing actionable insights into your data – this is the concept behind “big data”.

  • Is data analytics related to business intelligence?

    Business analytics and data analytics are the subsets of Business Intelligence (BI). These are all the data management solutions that are used to comprehend contemporary and historical data and create insight.