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Oracle BI (Business Intelligence) Report is a powerful tool that allows businesses to gather and analyze data from various sources to gain valuable insights into their operations. One of the features of Oracle BI Report is the ability to generate QR codes, which can be used to provide a more seamless and streamlined data collection process. This functionality allows businesses to quickly and easily create QR codes from the data in their reports, making it easier for users to access the information they need.

Explore the step-by-step process of QR code generation and gain valuable insights into the world of modern data management.


What is Kovaion’s focus in this Quickreads video?

In this generation of QR Codes in the Oracle BI report Quickread, we focus on

  • To recapitulate the brief idea of generating QR Codes in Business Intelligence (BI) Reports.
  • To run through the methods of engendering QR Codes using XML files.
  • To incorporate XML file with BI Publisher to create RTF template that is required for QR Code generation.
  • To grasp the indispensable idea behind the algorithm conversion to QR code format.


Business Benefits of the Quickreads video

Here are some of the benefits you gain from our Quickread.

  • To give a whirl on employing the modern technology of QR Codes in BI reports.
  • QR codes can encode numeric, alphanumeric & binary data. Thus, it can hold up to

7089 numeric characters
4296 alphanumeric characters
2953 bytes (binary data) of information which is more data than a barcode can hold.

  • With the good fault tolerance feature, even if some part of the QR code is damaged, information can still be decoded from the code.

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