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Embark on a journey of streamlined enterprise software development with the transformative power of our Low-Code platform. Experience simplicity in crafting sophisticated solutions, enabling rapid application development, enhanced collaboration, and accelerated innovation for your business needs.

Alternative to Zoho Creator

Why Kovaion Low Code Platform for Your Zoho Creator Alternative?

While Zoho Creator enables web app development, every application created in Kovaion’s low-code solution is inherently accessible across both web and mobile platforms, with the ability to preview apps before going live.


Streamline Operations

Enhance Efficiency with Our Zoho Creator Alternative

Streamline your operations and elevate your business with Kovaion’s Generative AI app builder.

Generative AI App Builder

Kovaion’s Low-Code solution serves as a powerful Generative AI App Builder, streamlining the app development process for businesses. Simply reduce your manual efforts in application development using our generative AI app builder.

Simple Application Builder

Discover the ease of crafting robust applications using Kovaion’s low-code platform, equipped with an intuitive drag-and-drop visual builder for a user-friendly experience.

  • Powerful Drag & Drop visual builder
  • Support all advanced form fields
  • Multiple data representation forms
  • Data display using List and card view.
  • One-click deployment

Advanced Dashboard

Kovaion’s low-code platform elevates data visualization by incorporating advanced dashboards, real-time metric presentations, and a diverse selection of chart types, offering an enhanced and customizable visual experience.

Drag and Drop Workflows

Streamline the process of crafting workflows using Kovaion’s low-code platform, which offers a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, scheduled workflows, and the capability to incorporate multiple stages and actions. Simplify the creation and management of workflows with ease.

Email Notifications

Enable email notifications effortlessly for any action without the need for coding. Easily configure cc and bcc settings, ensuring users receive timely alerts and updates for a wide range of actions and events. Stay informed with this convenient feature that enhances communication and keeps you updated on critical activities.

Personalized App Experience

Tailor your app effortlessly with our low-code solution, adapting it to your distinct requirements. Easily personalize elements like logos, home pages, and announcements. Enhance your branding with custom subdomain URLs, and make real-time adjustments to font styles, sizes, and navigation bars. Unlock limitless possibilities for personalization.

Effortless Deployment

Streamline and expedite deployments effortlessly with our Low-Code Platform, reducing the time and complexity traditionally associated with the deployment process. Experience seamless and rapid deployment procedures that can be completed in a matter of seconds.

To improve business efficiency

Pre-built productivity apps

WhatsApp Intelligent Platform

Maintain seamless connections with clients and team members.

Human Resources Recruitment

"Revolutionize HR Recruitment with an Effective Talent Management Application.

Employee Leave Management

Effectively monitor employee leave using our simplified Leave Management system

Performance Management

Boosting performance via strategic assessment and development.

Help Desk

Unify customer communication & nurture automated relationship improvement.


Effectively monitor, oversee, and simplify work hours using our Timesheet solution.

Knowledge management Portal

A centralized platform for effective knowledge organization

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