Generative AI App Builder

Simplified Enterprise Software Development

Kovaion’s low-code/no-code platform facilitates the creation of applications, automated workflows, and case management systems. Just a web browser is all you require to create, customize, and deploy applications with ease.

Alternative to Pega

Why Kovaion’s Low Code Platform as Your Pega Alternative?

As a technology consulting and solutions provider, Kovaion introduces a low-code platform as an alternative to Pega. When assessing the Kovaion Low Code Platform as an alternative to Pega, check out why enterprises should choose Kovaion’s Low-code Platform over the Pega platform.

Streamline Operations

Enhance Efficiency with Our Pega Alternative

Optimize your operations and boost your business with our low-code platform.

Generative AI App Builder

Kovaion’s Low-Code solution acts as a robust Generative AI App Builder, simplifying app development for businesses. Effortlessly diminish manual input in application development with our generative AI app builder.

Simple Application Builder

Explore the ease of creating robust applications with Kovaion’s low-code platform, which boasts a user-friendly drag-and-drop visual builder.

Powerful Drag & Drop visual builder

Support all advanced form fields

Multiple data representation forms

Data display using List and card view.

One-click deployment

Third-Party Integration

Elevate efficiency with our Low-Code Platform’s Third-Party Integration, seamlessly connecting various applications data through powerful API integration.

Advanced Dashboard

Kovaion’s low-code platform enhances data visualization with advanced dashboards, real-time metric displays, and a wide range of chart options, elevating your insights.

Drag and Drop Workflows

Streamline your workflow development using Kovaion’s low-code platform, which offers an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, scheduled workflows, and support for multiple stages and actions.

Email Notifications

Configure email notifications for all actions effortlessly, without any coding required. You can easily set up cc and bcc too. This feature ensures users receive timely alerts and updates on a wide range of actions and events.

Personalized App Experience

Our low-code platform empowers you to tailor your app to your specific requirements. Personalize it by altering your logo, homepage, and announcements. Add a unique touch with customized subdomain URLs to enhance your branding. Adjust font styles, sizes, and navigation bars as needed. The options for personalization are limitless!

Ready to Use Productivity Software

Boost your efficiency with our pre-configured apps designed to streamline and optimize your workflow.


Experience efficiency through automation with our Generative AI App Builder. Say goodbye to repetitive tasks as you streamline your day-to-day operations effortlessly. Let our Low-Code technology handle youe workflow routine.

Effortless Deployment

Effortlessly deploy with our Low-Code Platform, streamlining processes for quick, seamless, and instant results. Cut down traditional time and complexity, experiencing rapid procedures in seconds.

Boost your Productivity

Kovaion's Pre-Build Productivity Software

WhatsApp Intelligent Platform

Human Resources Recruitment

Employee Leave Management

Performance Management

Help Desk


Knowledge management Portal

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