Webinar | Unveiling the latest features of 23D - Oracle HCM Cloud

Optimizing new features in an organization is a very common practice and essential for a regularized work environment. We are all aware, that Oracle HCM Cloud – Global HR, ORC, and Absence Management, being a highly configurable module, enables Organizations to help their flexibility requirements and strategic advantages for their specific needs.

What’s more exciting is that Oracle introduces multiple new features and enhancements in its quarterly updates, which are mandatory to be consumed by the end customer, and hence a detailed understanding and exploration is a must to embrace the new features.

Have you delved into what was delivered in Oracle HCM Cloud – Global HR, ORC, and Absence Management in 23D Updates?


Let’s explore the latest features by diving deep into the functionality coming out of the box.

  • Revert Candidate Applications to Prior Phase from Offer Phase (ORC 23D) 
  • Recruiting Activity Center Extensibility (ORC 23D) 
  • Explore Jobs Using Oracle MAPS (ORC 23D) 
  • Leveraging Non-workers as Managers (Core HR 23D) 
  • Configure Journey Task Completion Criteria for each Journey and Task (Core HR 23D) 
  • Employees can now bid for vacations with the new bidding feature (Absence 23D) 


Webinar Details

Date: 11th January 2024

Time: 3:30 PM IST | 11:00 AM BST

Duration: 30 mins

Speakers: Kobbari Joseph, HCM Cloud Consultant


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Webinar Key Takeaways:

Join us on this Webinar to get introduced to the New Features of Oracle recruiting cloud, Global Human Resources, and Absence Management– embracing the complete potential with additional features to ease the day-to-day business operation performed by users in the HCM application.


Attend the webinar to discover and experience the answers for:

  • How to Revert candidate job applications to the prior phase after they reach the Offer phase?  
  • How to Customize Recruiting Activity Center requisition and job application preview and requisition and offer action panels using business rules? 
  • Give your candidates an easy, visual way to explore jobs using the map view.  
  • Ability to designate nonworkers as managers in Responsive Employment Flows. 
  • How is a journey marked completed automatically if it meets the specified criteria? 
  • Redwood UI brings in a Vacation bidding page, where employees can bid for multiple days of leave. 


Business Benefits of 23D features:

  • A long-awaited enhancement with a huge impact on business is to return to the previous phase from the offer phase. 
  • This feature marks a pivotal shift in how organizations can manage their human resources, offering newfound flexibility and strategic advantages.  
  • Aligning to the latest features and best practices for recruiting in the Fusion application. 
  • Vacation Bidding helps managers in cases where there are multiple overlapping absence dates for their team while ensuring the right resource allocation. 
  • Bring awareness and adoption to new features to consume them to meet business needs. 


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