Modern Day Business Integration with Wootz

Modern businesses rely on an ecosystem of multiple application stacks that require information exchange and integration. Often, these applications are discrete, cloud based and are updated rather frequently. To retain functional integrity and take advantage of new features the integrations among these applications ought to be agile and quick to change. Legacy approaches to application integrations do not raise to this modern-day challenge. Interfaces ought to be quick to design, verify and deploy. And with the proliferation of open standards, it is questionable to have to rely on low level coding to build such interfaces; and further involve time consuming and costly design, build, test & release cycles.
Wootz platform addresses this problem with its innovative, agile, and cost-efficient approach. It allows for efficient and quick deployment of integrations without the need for low level coding. This also means its ‘change ready’ for any surprises thrown at IT teams by 3rd party application changes.

Please join us on a webinar to know more and make your integration challenges a thing of the past.

Date : Wednesday, 11th Nov 2020
Time : From 3:30 PM (IST)
Duration : 30 Mins
Speaker(s) : Rakesh Narasimhan, Director, Wootz
Session Focus : Modern Integration


Key Takeaways

  • Modern day challenges in enterprise integrations
  • Overview of Wootz platform
  • Ease of integrating applications
  • Key Differentiators
  • Short Demo of the Features

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