PeopleTools 8.59 | NavBar Menu Sorting


Introduction to NavBar Menu

The NavBar provides access to all component pages for which the user has security access. The NavBar Menu can now be sorted alphabetically or use Standard sorting.


Do you know how to change the NavBar Menu Sorting?

Since PeopleTools 8.59, NavBar menus are sorted alphabetically by default. If you want to change this back to standard sorting, then follow the steps.


About NavBar Menu – Standard Sorting

  • Peoplesoft system users who have used them for a long time are familiar with the menu.
  • Their mouse pointer stops in the right place, even if they don’t have to read the entries.
  • These users have become used to the standard menu order, so it’s becoming a new norm for them.



Fig.1: Navbar Menu Standard Sort


About NavBar Menu – Alphabetic Sorting

However, sorting and grouping menus alphabetically makes perfect sense for PeopleSoft newbies. This gives them an idea of where to look and how far to scroll to find what they are looking for.



Fig.2: Navbar Menu Alphabetical Sort


Which NavBar Menu Sorting is Best?

  • Some organizations may choose to keep the default sorting of the NavBar menu so that most of their large user base is unaffected.
  • Users who prefer an alphabetically sorted NavBar menu can also customize it according to their preferences.


Steps to Changing Default NavBar Menu Sort Order.

  • The sorting of items in the NavBar menu is controlled by the user option NAVMENUSORT in Personalization Options.
  • This is a system wide change, meaning that all users who have not overridden this setting are going to see the NavBar menu in the standard sort order.
  • Use the Navigation below for Personalization Options.
  • Navigation: PeopleTools > Personalization > Define System Personalization


Personalization Options

  • In this select PeopleTools

Fig.3: PeopleTools Personalization


Define Personalization

  • In the Define Personalization grid, find the ‘NAVMENUSORT’ row.

Fig.4: Find NavMenuSort

  • Go to the Formats tab and click the Set Default Option Values link.
  • In the pop-up that appears, set the default value to Standard from the dropdown.



Fig.5: Change Navbar Menu Sort

  • Save the page, sign out, and then re-sign in.
  • Check the NavBar menu now – it should be a standard sort.



Fig.6: Navbar Menu Standard Sort


To Migrating this Change

  • Data Migration Workbench can easily be used to migrate this system-wide change.
  • The name of the personalization dataset is PT_SEC_PERSONALIZATIONS
  • Set Option Category Level as PPTL and User Option as NAVMENSORT after adding PT_SEC_PERSONALIZATIONS.


Migrating-Personalizations -NavMenuSort

Fig.7: Migrating Personalizations NavMenuSort

  • After adding this to your Data Migration Workbench project, you are ready to copy the DMW project to a file.
  • As this is a System level setting, the results will be reflected for all the PeopleSoft Users.
  • Now we can see how to do this as User -A level


Personalize NavBar

  • End-users can click on the Personalize NavBar gear icon to change the type of order of their NavBar menu.

Fig.8: Personalize Navbar Gear Icon

  • On this page, users can change the menu order.



Fig.9: Change Navbar Menu Order

  • Since this is a user-level setting, the results are only visible to users themselves.


Benefits of NavBar Menu Sorting

Here are some benefits of using a NavBar Menu sorting:

  • PeopleSoft allows users to customize their navbar menu by rearranging the options based on their preferences as alphabetical or standard sorting.
  • Sorting the menu makes it easier for user experience.
  • For new PeopleSoft users, alphabetical sorting helps to understand the system’s structure and locate the required functionalities more easily.


Author: Manisha Devi Ramachandran, PeopleSoft Consultant.

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