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PeopleSoft PUM Image 45 | Performance Management for Mobile Users


About Oracle PeopleSoft Performance Management

Oracle PeopleSoft Performance Management (ePerformance) was introduced in Peoplesoft 9.2 with a focus on providing a simple and easy-to-use Performance Management solution. PeopleSoft’s Performance Management allows the user to access the direct reports, current performance documents, current status and the due date during an appraisal.

Since the Introduction of Performance Management in PeopleSoft is widely useful and the accessibility is moving towards mobile devices and tablets, the user interface of the Performance management process as well as new functionalities are required to enhance the user experience.


Fig.1: Employee Performance Dashboard


Oracle PeopleSoft Performance Management enables organizations to streamline their performance management processes, providing more accurate and timely feedback to employees, and improving the overall quality of performance evaluations. The solution includes features such as goal setting, performance tracking, and competency management, which can be customized to fit the unique needs of each organization.

Additionally, PeopleSoft’s performance management data can be integrated with other systems and applications, such as payroll, to provide a complete and holistic view of employee performance and compensation. The use of performance management in an organization leads to increased productivity, better employee engagement, and improved business outcomes. Oracle PeopleSoft Performance Management is a crucial tool for organizations that want to improve their performance management practices and achieve better results.


PeopleSoft PUM Image 45 With Performance Management

PeopleSoft PUM Image 45 comes with the new Fluid version of Performance Management with the user interface which allows Mobile/Tablet users to use the page with a better experience. Based on the compatibility of the Mobile/Tablet device the users can now view their goals and appraisal due dates.

The access to PeopleSoft Performance Management on the device allows the Managers to Create/Update the document at their ease as shown in Fig. (2).


Fig.2: Create/Update Employee Goals


Furthermore, with the enhanced features of the devices like dictation features of phones such as speech-to-text or use of Google Keyboard for speech-to-text features the user experience can be improved to write the performance review in the device as shown in Fig. (3).


Fig.3: Speech to Text feature to write Employee/Manager Comments


Benefits of Performance Management for Mobile Users:

Below mentions are the PeopleSoft PUM Image 45 – Performance Management benefits.

  • The User interface of the Fluid Performance management page for Mobile Users is enhanced with the new functionality.
  • The Manager and Employees can review and update the Performance/appraisal documents easefully and remotely.
  • The typing of the review is made easier with the speech-to-text feature of the device based on the compatibility of the device.


Author: Manish Shashidhara, PeopleSoft Consultant 

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