PeopleSoft | PeopleTools-8.61-Key-Highlights

PeopleSoft | PeopleTools 8.61 Key Highlights


This blog offers an in-depth exploration of the key highlights encompassing the latest features introduced in PeopleSoft PeopleTools 8.61. In this comprehensive overview, we delve into the significant enhancements, functionalities, and innovations of the new version. By providing detailed insights, readers can gain a thorough understanding of the advancements incorporated into PeopleSoft PeopleTools 8.61, empowering them to leverage the full potential of these features for enhanced efficiency, user experience, and overall productivity within the PeopleSoft environment.

Explore structuring and enhancing your homepage with designated sections, ensuring a standardized look, easy navigation, and a user-friendly experience. 


1.1 Homepage Sections

The homepage Section typically refers to a designated area or segment within the homepage layout. This area may contain specific information, tiles, or content related to a particular category, function, or task under a categorization label as displayed in Fig. (1). This is very helpful in generalizing the purpose of the contents with the Homepage as per specific section grouping.


Fig.1: Focused Homepage


1.2 Creating Sections

Navigation: Peopletools -> Portal -> Structure and content -> Fluid Structure &contents -> Fluid Homepages

The Name and Label of the Content Ref has to be entered followed by the other configuration details as shown in Fig. (2).

When the Target field is selected to ‘Fluid Homepage’, a new Tab appears – ‘Section assignment’.

The behaviour type must be selected other than ‘Optional’ for all the tiles that are published within the ‘Tile content Tab’.

Fig.2: Content-Ref-Administration-General

Fig.2: Content Ref Administration – General


The Section Assignments tab allows the administrator to add the section name and section label. The Personalization check box is checked initially by default to disable the personalization of the section to the Users.


Fig.3: Section Assignments


The Tile grid allows the administrator to add the Tile from the Look-up. The behaviour and the order of the tiles can also be modified here. The Unassigned tile number and the Total tile number are also displayed as shown in Fig. (4) and they are displayed within the section accordingly in the Homepage.


Fig.4: Section Assignments – Tiles


The Import section is another way of adding the section to the Homepage. When the Import section button shown in Fig. (5) is clicked, the system copies the pre-defined section to the homepage which is stored in the Fluid section template folder. To achieve this the Usage type is to be selected as a Section template in the Content Ref page as shown in Fig. (6)


Fig.5: Section Assignments – Import Section



Fig.6: Content Ref Administration – Usage Type


The Sections will be displayed on the Homepage in the order specified by the administrator on the section assignments page and the tiles will be displayed in the order which was specified under each section as shown in Fig. (7).


Fig.7: Focused Homepage


1.3 Homepage Sections Benefits:

  • It standardizes the look and feel of the Homepage and restricts the user from Personalizing the Homepage.
  • The Grouping of related contents and Tiles are possible. Hence it is easy to navigate.
  • Ordering of Sections and Tiles provides a space to prioritize the sections and tiles as per the requirement.
  • User Friendly.


2.1 Fluid Prompt Page Enhancements

The Search criteria in the Prompt field gives a better experience on search as the user gets access to search criteria keys. In Fluid the Search Criteria in the prompt look-up page is collapsed by default and to use the search criteria the user must expand it as shown in Fig. (8).


Fig.8: Lookup – Search Criteria

The expanded search criteria will show a Hyperlink on ‘Show operators’ and when clicked it will provide access to additional operators as shown in Fig. (9).


2.2 Fluid Prompt Admin & User Configuration

The behaviour of the Fluid prompt can be controlled using additional configuration options both at the system level and user level.

The system configuration is done using system personalization and the User level configuration is done via the ‘My preferences’ page.

Peoplesoft 8.61 provides two new additional user options to administrators to configure the fluid prompt search criteria as shown in Fig (10). The End Users can configure the search prompt using the My Preferences page to personalize their look-ups as it provides an option to disable the auto collapse of Search criteria and to by how the search operators by default.


Fig.9: Search Criteria – Role Permission List



Fig.10: Define Personalization



Fig.11: General Settings


2.3 Fluid Prompt Page Enhancements Benefits

  • Additional Search operators can be included to make the search more feasible and effective.
  • End Users are given the control to personalize and handle the search criteria.


3.1 Accessibility Help

The accessibility help is only found in the new fluid release, and it gives an option to enable Screen reader mode, Keyboard shortcut and also Accessibility Help.


Fig.12: Accessibility Help


3.2 Define Accessibility Help

The administrators can use the define accessibility help page to configure the accessibility help topics as per their requirements for the application.


Fig.13: Accessibility Help – Existing Value


The detail page of the accessibility list provides a rich text editor field and the administrators can add the contents accordingly as shown in Fig. (14).



Fig.14: Text Editor Field


3.3 Benefits of Accessibility Help

  • Administrators can control the content and material of accessibility help.
  • Multiple accessibility help topics can be added which allows the user to use the application with a better ease.


The Bottom Line

Within this blog post, we’ve provided an in-depth exploration of the significant highlights encapsulated in PeopleSoft PeopleTools 8.61. For a more detailed understanding and comprehensive overview of the features of PeopleTools 8.61, we invite you to visit the link provided HERE. Explore further insights and stay abreast of the advancements and enhancements incorporated in this latest version.


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