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Why Oracle ME? – Secret fix for Employee Resignation

There is an Open secret all the HR Leaders or representatives know that the Employee’s resignation did not come out of anywhere. It comes because of a lack of Communication, Trust, and Stalled career development.

Let us take an Example with Adam. Adam is currently Working from home and loves his job but could not find the right development opportunity to grow. His manager is always busy and there is no personalized communication with him from HR.

Why Oracle ME - Employee Experience

Now, how to address these problems and stop him from initiating his resignation? The SOLUTION is Oracle ME by improving his Employee Experience.


What is Oracle ME? – Platform that Guides, Connects, and Support Employees with data available in HCM

With Oracle ME everyone gets a personalized Employee Experience where they feel they belong in a place they can Connect, Support, and thrive happily.

What is Oracle ME - Employee Experience?

Oracle ME (Modern Experience) is a user interface innovation in Oracle HCM Cloud, designed to provide a personalized and intuitive user experience for HR professionals, managers, and employees. Oracle ME, also known as My Experience, is a vital part of the Oracle HCM Cloud platform. It is an employee experience platform that provides a comprehensive suite of tools to enable employees to thrive.

By leveraging Oracle ME, businesses can gain a deeper understanding of the needs and aspirations of their employees, and create tailored experiences that enhance employee engagement, collaboration, and productivity. The platform enables employees to connect with colleagues, grow their skills, and achieve their goals, ultimately leading to a more productive workforce.


Employee Experience: Why It Matters?

Employee experience refers to the sum of all interactions an employee has with their employer, from the hiring process to retirement. It includes everything from workplace culture and policies to benefits and career development opportunities. In today’s competitive job market, providing a positive employee experience is essential to attracting and retaining top talent.

It helps Companies to know each employee well to understand what they want to do their job better and feel intricately connected with Peers/ Mentors. Helps to give the right message to employees at the right time and guides managers to continuously listen to their employees and take action to mitigate the risk of resignation.


Oracle ME – How it works?

Oracle ME - How it works - Employee Experience

HCM Communicate

HCM Communicate - Oracle ME - Employee Experience

With HCM Communicate, available in Oracle ME, organizations can create personalized and targeted employee communications based on data managed in Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM. This powerful outreach solution also enables tracking and analysis of communication effectively.


HCM Communicate – Features

Highlights of Oracle ME – HCM Communicate features, which help organizations to streamline the employee experience!

  • Launch & Track Campaigns
  • No need to use 3rd party marketing tools to communicate within Organization
  • Click On Metrics in the dashboard
  • Email and Notifications Channel Supported
  • Choose the Target Audience with HCM data Filters
  • Brand your communication with Stylesheet-Align Company Branding


Contextual Journey

Contextual Journey - Oracle ME - Employee Experience

With Contextual Journeys, organizations can easily configure task workflows that require multiple performers to complete before an HCM transaction. This feature streamlines processes and ensures that tasks are completed efficiently and accurately.


Contextual Journey – Features

Highlights of Oracle ME – Contextual Journey Features.

  • Assign Interactive Tasks to Employees for Personal and Professional Experiences.
  • Supports Survey, Onboarding, Benefits Program
  • Tracking Mechanism Enabled for the HR based on audience and Due date.
  • Intuitive Menu and Dashboard to engage the employee in the tasks.
  • Supports Touchpoints Survey


HCM Touchpoints

Touchpoints - Oracle Me - Employee Experirence

Touchpoints - Oracle Me - Employee Experience

Oracle Touchpoints is a powerful feature offered in both Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM and the Oracle ME employee experience platform. By enabling continuous listening and action channels between employees and managers, Oracle Touchpoints facilitates meaningful interactions that can improve trust, retention rates, and growth within an organization.


HCM Touchpoints – Features

Highlights of Oracle ME – HCM Touchpoint Features.

  • Foster Continuous engagement between Managers and Employees.
  • Touchpoints survey to gauge Employee and Workplace mood.
  • Enables Managers to understand the sentiments of direct reports.
  • Guided stop across employee journey to check the risk of Employee resignation


As a bottom line, we’re delighted to announce that we’re working in close collaboration with Oracle to obtain first-hand information and assist our customers!


Author: Chandru Asokan, Customer Success Manager

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