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Oracle Digital Assistant | What it offers for HCM Cloud Customers

In this article, we discuss

  • What’s a digital assistant?
  • Oracle Digital Assistant (ODA)
  • Oracle digital assistant for HCM
  • Working Mechanism of ODA
  • Benefits of Oracle Digital Assistant from an HCM perspective
  • Key advantages of HR Chatbots
  • How we can assist you with Oracle Digital Assistant


What is a Digital Assistant?

  • Digital assistant is a computer program in an advanced grand that pumps the conversation with the individuals who utilize it, typically with the internet.
  • In general, the digital assistants will utilize advanced AI (Artificial Intelligence), natural language processing, natural language understanding, and ML (machine learning) to offer personalized, conversational expertise.
  • With the combination of all historical data like – home ownership, family size, purchase preferences, location, and so on, the algorithms can able to build data models which recognize the patterns of behavior and filters those patterns as per the added data. By knowing and understanding the user’s history, priorities, and other details, digital assistants can answer complex queries, furnish recommendations, make the best predictions, and can even initiate conversation.
  • A predictive chatbot is the other name for the digital assistant.


Oracle Digital Assistant (ODA)

Oracle Digital Assistant is an NLP (Natural language processing) and Machine Learning, primarily based cloud carrier that allows application-particular interactions. It is a digital consumer that assists customers with complicated engagements with the use of transactional records to study key enterprise insights and exceptions.

It additionally gives out-of-the-box information by responding to traditional Q&A for customer support and guidance.

ODA (Oracle Digital Assistant) functions have supported the use of voice alongside conversational interface to distill quite a consumer intent, invoke actions, and offer affordable responses. This complements consulting offerings with minimum education and guidance.

For Employees, digital assistants are able to answer many general questions like Salary info, Approvals, Absence Balance, help desk, etc., and offer recommendations based on a user’s profile, past behavior, and other information.

For Employers, digital assistants provide a single, convenient point of contact for employees to manage incoming communications, and are also used for internal purposes, such as onboarding new employees. Enhance the service management experience by automating employee services and making them accessible to all services.


Oracle digital assistant for HCM

Oracle Digital Assistant for HCM will deliver seamless assistance and communications to all employee queries with the help of conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI) support via the HR chatbot. It assures the employee’s entire transactions, acquires answers, and implements the process freshly and productively. Just help your employees to reach their entire potential with Oracle digital assistant.


Working Mechanism of ODA.

A virtual assistant pulls records from a couple of reasserts and places them into context.

Advanced herbal language processing offers it the cap potential to method what you’re pronouncing or typing. Advanced herbal language understanding (NLU) offers it the potential to parse what you assert or kind, generating correct solutions.

Advanced NLU can recognize complicated sentences and separate the numerous portions inside a multipart request or query and go back to a correct answer.


ODA Flow Chat




Benefits of Oracle Digital Assistant from an HCM perspective

Provide seamless conversation and steerage to all worker questions with a conversational AI guide via HR chatbots. Ensure personnel whole transactions, get hold of solutions, and execute tactics in new, effective ways. Help your personnel to attain their complete potential.

1. Personalized communication with consistency

Conversational Artificial Intelligence Support
Every employee can acquire the right answers with Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered Digital Assistant through text or voice in their respective language.

Extensive knowledge of FAQs

It assures whether employees receive quick, exact answers about time off, holidays or vacation, returning to work, and other relevant details.

Contextual answers

Acquires personalized answers as per the entire workflow or requests.


2. Simplifies the complexity

Career development

Oracle digital assistant will empower the team by suggesting learning and promotion options via Artificial Intelligence – driven digital assistant

Team gluing and the communication

ODA (Oracle Digital Assistant) will construct connections with the team by stimulating great performance and delivering quick feedback to employees on the current projects.

Saves your time

Approve and authorize the prioritized actions that require your attention like – approvals of time off, expenses, and other HR operations, which saves your time.


3. Allows employees to prefer their best

Best tactical HR management

Oracle digital assistant will supply the assessments and answers for the employee queries, where the time of HR is saved, and where they can focus on their respective impactful projects.

An efficient way of employee connection

This digital assistant will enable the employees to bind with the organization in a comfortable manner. It might be text, voice, Microsoft Teams, SMS, or Slack.

Assists the team to work great

With oracle digital assistant, an organization can assures that the HR will furnish all the required guidance to the employees. This makes the employee focus on their crucial tasks.


Key advantages of HR Chatbots:

Here is the list of key benefits of oracle digital assistant on HR Chatbots.

1. Resolves the employee’s trending queries

With Oracle’s digital assistant, employees can receive the company’s guidance with the company’s policies. This process is implemented by compounding the Digital Assistant and the Helpdesk for Human Resources.

2. Acquire contextual help for all life events

Here the life events are nothing but undergoing a medical procedure, or marriage. Here the task of a digital assistant is to automatically fetch the next beneficial steps, the policy for time off, and the other additional programs, to give access to the right alternative person at the right time.

3. Delivers the faster & constant guidance

Repetitive tasks are time-consuming and sometimes considered to be waste of time. With the oracle digital assistant chatbot facility, the company can automate repetitive tasks by engaging with a digital assistant to quickly accomplish the approvals, promotion workflows, and assist desk information.

4. Scale Human Resource Chatbots across the Workforce Globally

Just stay nimble. As the business grows with the flexible Chatbot architecture, it is easy for an individual to add additional users and construct new, AI-driven interfaces to decrypt the new requirements.

5. Build-in Oracle cloud infrastructure

With the oracle digital assistant chatbot, people can connect across the ERP, CX, and HCM solutions to make the process simple for the users to interact with multiple systems in a single conversation.

6. Delivers the personalized employee experience

Provide personalized worker experience by delivering career development opportunities, contextual & beneficial information, and other answers from the digital assistant.

7. Best conversational AI abilities

Give the rapid start with 35+ prebuilt, Artificial Intelligent powered transactions. As your business explores and grows, construct your own transactions to meet particular needs.


Kovaion can assist you with Oracle Digital Assistant

In ODA (Oracle Digital Assistant), Kovaion will create the subsequent for use:

  • Skills: (previously referred to as chatbots) are person bots that can be centered on particular styles of obligations, which may include self-service transactions for Employees, Managers, Jobs searches, application status checks for Candidates, and many more.
  • Digital assistant: A virtual assistant that consists of a set of 1 or greater capabilities assist customers to accomplish quite a few obligations in Natural language conversations. Digital Assistant is AI-driven



If you are a business person who is looking for the best budget-friendly Oracle cloud digital assistant service on HR chatbot or any other services, feel free to connect with us! We are here to assist you in the right way.



Manjunath Pallad, Software Engineer (HCM)


Oracle Cloud Digital Assistant | FAQs | Based on Chatbots

What does Oracle digital assistant do?

The Oracle digital assistant (ODA) will deliver the entire Artificial Intelligence platform to build a conversational experience for the business app via chat, text, and voice assistant interface.

Does Oracle have a chatbot?

Oracle Digital Assistant offers the best platform to construct, test and deploy the chatbot. Digital assistant is the midpoint of the contract for every conversational experience you deliver to the customers.

What is the difference between a chatbot and a virtual assistant?

A chatbot emulates human conversation via textual or auditory approaches. A virtual assistant or virtual agent or VA is just a program, but with resemblances to an actual assistant, who can respond to specific inquiries, perform particular assignments, and even can make suggestions.

How does a chatbot work?

A chatbot sounds likewise to instant messaging. A chatbot is nothing but software that mimics human conversations. It allows communication between a machine and a human, which can bring queries in a message or voice command form. A chatbot is designed to operate without the help of a human operator.

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