Implementing- Compensatory- Type- Absence

Implementing Compensatory Type Absence

Oracle HCM Cloud enables efficient implementation of Compensatory Type Absence, allowing organizations to seamlessly manage and track employee compensatory leaves. With comprehensive configuration options and automated workflows, Oracle HCM Cloud simplifies the process, ensuring accurate recording and calculation of compensatory time off, enhancing workforce management efficiency.


A clear approach to manage comp-off time with the help of Oracle HCM

It would be fantastic for managers if there was a way to track all the offline overtime done by employees and systemize it to manage the Comp off which employees can avail later. Here we discuss how we can achieve this by quickly adopting Oracle HCM Standard features in the Absence.

An in-depth, step-by-step guide to implementing a compensatory type of absence plan, which is a type of absence management plan that allows employees to receive compensatory time off when they work overtime.


Implementing -Compensatory -Type- Absence 1

Fig 1.1 Employee’s Compensatory Plan Details Page


Steps to Configure Compensatory Plan:

To configure a compensatory plan, navigate to My Workforce » Absences » Absence Plans (Also search directly for the task Absence Plans). On the Absence Plans page, click on the + Create button and enter details as follows on the Create Absence Plan pop-up window.

  • Effective As-of Date: 1/1/1951
  • Legislation: Select your Legislation
  • Plan Type: Compensatory


Implementing -Compensatory- Type- Absence 2

Fig 2.1 Create Absence Plan Pop-up Window Page


On Create Absence Plan page, In the General Attributes section enter details as follows

  • Plan: Compensatory Time Off
  • Description: Compensatory Time Off
  • Plan UOM: You don’t need to select any value, as you will notice that the value defaults to Hours.
  • Legislative Data Group: Select your LDG
  • Status: Active
  • Earned Time Expiration Rule: Select value Acquisition date, other options are available. Please read the next paragraph to gain a better understanding of their importance.
  • Expiration Limit: 3
  • Expiration Period UOM: Months
  • On Expiration: Expire in full


Expiration Rule for Compensatory Plan

In compensatory plans, you must specify the validity period for earned compensatory time. There are four options to choose from:

  • Acquisition date – The compensation period expires after a certain period of earnings.
  • End of acquisition pay period – At the end of each pay period, compensation time expires after a certain period.
  • End of acquisition week – Compensation time expires after a certain amount of time at the end of the week it was earned in.
  • No expiration – The compensatory time earned does not expire.


Implementing Compensatory Type Absence 3

Fig 2.2 Compensatory Plan Attributes Set-up Page


On the Participation tab, scroll down to the Eligibility section, where you can attach an employee profile to determine eligibility. Because no eligibility profiles are assigned to this article, everyone from that LDG is eligible to participate.

The Plan Rule tab looks very similar to the Accruals tab available for accrual plans but offers fewer options.


Implementing Compensatory Type Absence 4

Fig 2.3 Compensatory Plan Rules Set-up Page


Click on Entries and Balances. It is normally possible to obtain the balance (entitlement) of a compensatory absence plan from Oracle Time and Labor (OTL). It is possible to adjust the entries and balances manually in this situation by using the Entries and Balances tab. For the Manual Adjustment section, enter details as follows

  • Enable for administrator: Yes
  • Enable for a manager: Yes
  • Reasons: All


For the Expiration Date Updates section enter details as follows

  • Enable for administrator: Yes
  • Enable for a manager: No
  • Reasons: All


Implementing Compensatory Type Absence 5

Fig 2.4 Compensatory Plan Entries and Balances Set-up Page


Finally, click on the Save and Close button to complete the compensatory absence type configuration.


Configure Absence Type for Compensatory Plan

Navigate to My Workforce » Absences » Absence Type. On the Absence Types page, click on the + Create button and enter details as follows on the Create Absence Type pop-up window

  • Effective As-of Date: 1/1/1951
  • Legislation: Select your LDG
  • Pattern: Generic absence. Click on the Continue button.


Click on the Type Attributes tab and enter the following details in the General Attribute section.

  • Name: Compensatory Time Off
  • Legislative Data Group: Select your LDG
  • Status: Active


In the Duration Rules section, enter details as follows.

  • Schedule Hierarchy Start Point: Published schedule.


In the section dedicated to Absence Record Maintenance, kindly input the details as specified below.

  • Enable employee updates: Yes.
  • Enable manager updates: Yes
  • Enable administrative updates: Yes
  • Enable for timecard entry: Editable on a timecard


Implementing Compensatory Type Absence 6

Fig 3.1 Compensatory Type – Type Attributes Set-up Page


Implementing Compensatory Type Absence 7

Fig 3.2 Compensatory Type – Plan and Reasons Page


Click on the Plans and Reasons tab, in the Absence Plans   section, click on the Select and Add button. On the Select and Add Plan to Type pop-up window enter details as follows and click on the Ok button.

  • Plan: Compensatory Time Off
  • Status: Active
  • Priority: 1


Implementing Compensatory Type Absence 8

Fig 3.3 Compensatory Type- Duration Rules Section in Type Attributes Page


Finally, click on the Save and Close button to complete the compensatory absence type configuration.


Enroll workers for the compensatory plan:

Run the process “Update Accrual Plan Enrollments” to enroll all eligible employees in the absence plan or enroll each employee individually.


Adjust Compensatory Time and Expiration Date (By HR login):

To allocate or adjust the compensatory balance of any employee navigate to My Team > Absence Balance > Search for the employee.


Implementing Compensatory Type Absence 9

Fig 4.1 Employee Absence Balance Page From Manager’s My Team Reportees Page


Click the plan to open its details. Managers can enter compensatory time off using the Add button. Enter details that the employee deserves.

  • Amount: Compensatory time off balances in hours
  • Transaction Date: Select the date on which compensatory time begins.
  • Expiration Date: Don’t enter any value, it will be calculated automatically based on the plan configuration, which is set to 6 months.
  • Manual Adjustment Reason: Select any value from the LOV. Click on the Submit button.


Implementing Compensatory Type Absence 10

Fig 4.2 Manager Able To Apply Compensatory Leave For Qualified Reporters



Implementing Compensatory Type Absence 11

Fig 4.3 Compensatory Plan Details Page After Applied Leave


Select Compensatory Time Off in the Absence Type field of the Add Absence page. Click on the Submit button after entering the absence for a single day, noting down the duration calculated by the system.

Implementing Compensatory Type Absence 12

Fig 4.4 Managers Can Add More Compensatory Time For their Reportees

As the absence request is submitted from the HR login, it would not require any approval.


Author:  Bhuvaneswari Durairaj, HCM Consultant

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