Enhanced Data Lockdown Framework - PeopleSoft HCM PUM 46

Enhanced Data Lockdown Framework | PeopleSoft HCM PUM 46


Release Information

Data Lockdown Framework is a new enhancement that was released in PeopleSoft HCM Update Image 46.



In the realm of human capital management (HCM), the efficient processing and protection of sensitive data are critical. PeopleSoft HCM, a robust and widely used HCM solution, has introduced an enhanced data lockdown framework to address these concerns. This framework enables administrators to control access to components during payroll processing or at scheduled times, ensuring data integrity and security. In this blog post, we will delve into the key features and configuration options provided by the PeopleSoft HCM lockdown framework.


Component Eligibility and Lockdown Groups

The foundation of the PeopleSoft HCM lockdown framework lies in the ability to define which components are eligible for a lockdown event. On the Component Eligibility page, administrators can select the “eligible for lockdown” checkbox to identify components that support component lockdown. These eligible components can then be grouped together using the Lockdown Component Group page.

Navigation: Main Menu > Setup HCM > Common Definitions > Lockdown Framework Setup



Fig 1: Lockdown Framework Setup


Lockdown groups, created via the Lockdown User Group page, determine who is affected by the lockdown. They can be based on user roles or product keys, allowing administrators to include or exclude specific members from the lockdown group.



Fig 2: Lockdown Framework Group


Defining Lockdown Events

The lockdown framework provides flexibility in defining when, why, and for whom a component should be locked. On the Lockdown Event Definition page, administrators can specify the details of a lockdown event. Lockdown events can be general or process-based, allowing for targeted lockdowns based on specific processes and phases.
When creating a process-based event, administrators must indicate which processes and phases are included in the lockdown. The sequence number determines the order in which the lockdown occurs. The lockdown message section enables administrators to provide a configurable message that explains why users are locked out of a component.



Fig 3: Lockdown Event Definition


Configuring Lockdown Schedules

To determine when the lockdown occurs, administrators can define schedules or processes and phases using the Lockdown Schedule Options section. This section allows enabling, disabling, or deleting lockdown schedules. By configuring the lockdown schedules, administrators gain control over when the lockdown takes effect, ensuring minimal disruption to critical processes.



Fig 4: Manage Lockdown events


Process and Phase Setup

The Process Phase Setup page plays a crucial role in configuring processes and phases for lockdown. Administrators can define processes and phases for specific products or countries, which are used to lock down components. This configuration captures the necessary phases that will later appear in event definitions, enhancing the granularity of the lockdown framework.



Fig 5: Error notification


Locking Overrides and Flexibility

In certain situations, administrators may require the ability to override standard event mapping definitions. The Locking Overrides page allows for such overrides, ensuring administrators can adapt the lockdown framework to their specific needs. These overrides come into effect when the component eligibility table is updated.


Supported Processes

The PeopleSoft HCM lockdown framework extends its component lockdown capabilities to various processes, including Global Payroll, Absence Management, and Payroll for North America. This broad coverage ensures that critical data remains protected across multiple functional areas of HCM.



  • The enhanced data lockdown framework in PeopleSoft HCM provides administrators with powerful tools to control access to components during payroll processing or scheduled events.
  • By leveraging the configuration options available, administrators can safeguard sensitive data, maintain data integrity, and improve overall security in their HCM operations.
  • The PeopleSoft HCM lockdown framework stands as a testament to the commitment to data protection and privacy in the realm of human capital management.


Author: Jayaraj Rajendren, PeopleSoft Team

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