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As a part of Oracle HCM Cloud, Oracle ME (My Experience) platform has been released to enhance the employee experience. Employee Experience is a crucial aspect of any successful organization. It encompasses everything an employee experiences throughout their journey with the company, from the initial recruitment process to their departure. Oracle ME is a powerful platform designed to enhance Employee Experience by providing a range of tools and solutions to improve communication, collaboration, and engagement.


Employee experience using Journeys

Journeys in Oracle ME play a critical role. Employee journeys is a step-by-step visualization of an employee’s experience within the company. By breaking down each interaction an employee has with the organization, businesses can identify areas for improvement and develop solutions to enhance the overall experience.

Journeys will elevate user adoption by delivering personalized assistance to support employees in their professional and personal workflows in the organization such as Onboarding, discovering the career opportunities within the organization, starting a new position, moving to a new project, transferring to a new location, getting married, all with one user experience powered by a single system of truth.

As all we know, a checklist is nothing but a group of tasks that has to be completed when there exists an action. For example, let’s say the tasks that need to be performed when onboarding new hires, off-boarding, or transferring a worker. A journey in Oracle ME extends the checklist functionality and enables all stakeholders to act on tasks in one single application. These checklists will assist the workers in the right way, when they experience a change in work, it can be a transfer or any personal reason (such as – marital status)


Types of Journeys in HCM Cloud

Following are the two types of journeys available with HCM Cloud:


Contextual journey:

With the help of Contextual Journeys, users can configure tasks that have to be performed by different task performers before an HCM transaction. For example, tasks that an employee needs to do before applying for a leave.


Guided journey:

With the assistance of a guided journey, users can provide guidance such as tutorials, company policies, and best practices in the context of an HCM flow utilizing guided journey tasks. For example, tasks to help an employee to complete the task.


Extending Journeys to Absence Management:

Let’s go through the below case study where we can see the utilization of both Contextual and Guided journeys while applying absence in HCM Cloud. By enabling the contextual journey, we can let the employee complete a certain set of tasks required by the business before applying for a leave of absence.


Navigation to apply for leave: Under me >> Time and absences >> Add absence


Fig 1: Add absence page

In this way, the employee has to complete the task before applying for leave.


While clicking on add absence, the journey page will display the list of all the journeys which has been configured for absence. Employee has to choose the applicable journey.


Fig 2.1: Journey page 1

Step 3:

Click on ‘Start this journey’

fig 2.2 - oracle-me-elevate-employee-experience-using-journeys-Journey-page-2

Fig 2.2: Journey page 2


Next, finish all of the tasks that were established as a part of this journey before applying for a leave of absence.

fig 2.3 - oracle-me-elevate-employee-experience-using-journeys-Journey-page-3

Fig 2.3: Journey page 3


Post completing all pre-requisite, the last task will direct the employee to the add absence page, where the employee can submit a leave request.

Fig 2.4 - oracle-me-elevate-employee-experience-using-journeys-Journey-page-4

Fig 2.4: Journey page 4


While applying for absence, the “Guide ME” icon will be available, which will assist the employee in completing the task by providing the required/related information regarding the absence policies.

Fig 3 - oracle-me-elevate-employee-experience-using-journeys-Absence type (add absence)

Fig 3: Absence type (add absence)


This option can be extended to display video tutorials or user manuals to employees which will guide them to complete the absence submission in HCM.

Fig 4 - oracle-me-elevate-employee-experience-using-journeys-Guided journey-page

Fig 4: Guided journey page


Business benefits of using Journeys

Here is the list of business benefits in employee experience using journeys in Oracle ME.

  • Enabled guidance from anywhere at any time.
  • User-friendly and saves HR helpdesk time.
  • Provides personalized guidance to employees.
  • Businesses can assure that absence processes with the most accuracy.
  • It provides detailed information on employees’ absence details.
  • Business can set their criteria according to their policy.


Author: Mohamed Thowfik Rahman, Oracle cloud consultant.

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